It’s Still Womens History Month

Yes, it is.

I’ve been a girl’s girl my entire life.

From the days on the playground as a little girl creating girls only fashion clubs, to the women rights social justice work I’ve done as a grown woman, I’ve always made a point to surround myself with fun, brave and intelligent women and fight like hell for them.

Speaking of intelligent women,
I guess you can say the first best friend I ever had was a woman; my mother. Her name is Genesis like the Bible. 
She had me when she was just 18 years old, and we’ve been kicking it since. The idea of growing up at the same time as your mother it’s a weird idea for some. Now that I look back, it was probably very difficult for her as well, and definitely, an incredible sacrifice for sure. As a kid, I did not fully understand our boundaries as mother and daughter because to me it felt like we were just two women figuring our life together. I laugh now as I digest the actual age difference between us. Most days when I wasn’t acting out, we were pretty much equal. 
I will say, the amount of trust she has for me (even to this day) has always been shaking, but educational. She gave me so much responsibility from a young age because we were surviving. 
There are so many ways in which she has prepared me for my own adulthood that I am truly thankful for. There are so many things I have learned from my mother that she didn’t actually teach me that have prepared me for my own adulthood. It’s funny how that happens. It’s even funnier to me when I think about how when she was my age (28) she had both me and my younger brother. I can’t even imagine taking in another cat at this point in my life, let alone having two humans to take care of. 

And unrepayable debt.

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