National Lipstick Day – Best Wearable Lipsticks

Happy National Lipstick Day my friend!

Believe it or not, stylish folks all over the planet have been rocking lipstick in its various forms for thousands of years and I’m glad to be apart of this movement of flyness.

For me, wearing lipstick is often the icing on the cake or the final touch to whatever make up look I am rocking. I’m naturally inclined to reach for the brightest and boldest of colors.

Blues and purples are my most favorite but I also recognize that not everyone is ready to jump into a black lipstick as quickly as others.

Here is my guide to some of my favorite and more wearable lipsticks! Added bonus being that all but one are from Black and Brown owned businesses.

Let’s get into it.

1. Uncensored Stunna Lip Paint from Fenty Beauty

This red lipstick is the red lipstick of all red lipsticks. You following? If you’re a beginner you may want to practice steadying your hand for this one as it is probably one of the most liquid, liquid lipsticks I have ever worked with but the color pay off is worth it. It’s super long lasting and has always photographed well. *Black owned*

2. Prom Queen from The Lip Bar

I LOVE LOVE LOVE purple lipsticks and I think I found just the one for a list such as this one. Prom Queen is almost pink but definitely purple. She is super lightweight in application. I could easily see someone mixing this with a clear gloss or pairing it with a nice lip liner for more serious look. *Black owned*

3. Amulet from Melt Cosmetics

Amulet is one color I never knew I needed. A beautiful burgundy that is set and ready to go for the fall season to come. I’ve been rocking it throughout the summer (rebel life) and you can too for a lil vampy vibe. If you look at it on just the right angle, you can catch the shimmer in it beautifully. It’s a thick consistency which makes it easier to apply, also long lasting. *Latina owned*

4. Trinidad from UOMA BEAUTY

Alexa play Barbie girl.

Sissssssss someone was thinking of me when they made this lipstick, I am convinced. When I first laid eyes on this traditional style lipstick I wasn’t sure if I want to use it because it was so beautiful. Covered in shimmer… Glitter? I’m very careful how I apply this lipstick because I want it’s beauty to last forever. *Black owned*

5. Chrissy from BH Cosmetics

My super go to orange lipstick. If you’re not paying attention you might mistake it for red but that’s what I like about it. I’m a dark skin girl and it looks fabulous on me as well as on lighter shades. BH cosmetics has been my ride or die in affordability since I was really young and I’m glad to still be able to use them as an adult.

Please let me know if you guys decide to try any of these or if you own them already! I would love to hear from you 💄💋

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