How to Be A Moisturized Baddie (My Current Faves)

As a part of my self-care routine, it has been a point of focus to make sure that I am constantly staying moisturized.

We’re talking body head to toe, inside and out and of course within my spirit.

Chile, especially the spirit (considering this summer of ashy men and Karen’s we’ve been experiencing).

That is another story for another day.

Today though,

I wanted to share with you a few items I’ve been loving as I stay soft, supple, hydrated and sharp.


I started using the Glossier brand almost 6 months ago and I’m glad I gave it a chance. The milky jelly cleanser and the priming rich moisturizer make my skin feel, well… juicy! I’ve tried a lot of moisturizers and I’ve never had an experience quite like this one. I am an oily girl, so are usually have to worry about moisturizers not blending well with my foundation but this one works perfectly. On the days when i’m going to fresh faced I find that this combination leaves me feeling confident that my skin is both clean and hydrated.

I received this rose hydrosol skin refreshing mist from Aura Cacia in a box from influenster to test out a couple of months ago and I never stopped using it. This has been an especially hot summer and it’s really nice to have this sort of cooling agent at my fingertips. Not too smelly and not sticky, this is especially good on those fresh faced days.


If you take a good look at this photograph, it’ll tell you just how much I love this hydrating oil gloss from Ciate London. Although its tone is sort of pink, it goes on clear. Not very sticky but it stays in place. I hear sticky gloss is making a come back but this wouldn’t be on that list. It’s nearly gone and I need to replace this ASAP.


In these days of quarantine, I have found love in this two step protein treatment from Aphogee. The balancing moisturizer is the second step in the process and it has made my hair feel softer and more moisturized than it ever has been since I started bleaching my hair blonde. It’s been a miracle worker and I wanted to share this with you color treated girls out there.

When I’m not doing protein treatments I really enjoy this intensive hydration shampoo from Shea Moisture. My favorite thing about Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioners are the fact that just a little bit Goes a long way all while it being sulfate free. (sulfates are usually the chemical that helps to create suds)

I get questions all the time on the items I choose to style my hair with. I have found true friends in the creamy oil moisturizing hair lotion from Cream of Nature, the coconut and hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie from Shea Moisture, and the Fusion Plex mask from Wella for my deep conditioning days. The hair lotion is a little thicker than the curl enhancing smoothie so I use them interchangeably depending on what style I’m going for but both leave my hair feeling soft and manageable and that is a must when you are a color treated.


Honestly, like if we’re being really honest here… The whole point of this post is so that I can tell you about this product.

There is a brilliant and talented young woman in Philadelphia with a small business that is bursting from the seams! Honey Mami is a super exclusive one woman show providing women with items such as this Goddess Shimmering Oil or this Shimmer Whipped Body Soufflé.

To get my hands on these babies, I had to set an alarm a week in advance and rush to the website to beat the crowds but I did it! These items smell amazing which she is well known for. Although I use the item sparingly for fear that I will run out, they’ve been keeping me plenty moisturized since they arrived in my mailbox.

I never thought the day would come that I would be excited about handcream.

That day is today.

I just started using this milk made handcream from Cake and I am here for this. Lightly scented and smooth as you rub it in. I’ve been keeping it right next to my bed on the nightstand.

I guess this is my life now.

I’ve also always been a fan of hemp infused moisturizer, I’ve got this mini one for the photo but I also have a large bottle that I choose to use on my body.


As a girl living alone in quarantine it feels good to know that if I’m ever feeling too lonely I can always tune in to the friend zone podcast. I’ve been a fan of these folks for so long. Asante, Fran and Dustin gather every week even during this time of uncertainty to lift all of our spirits and I’m so grateful that I have them to help me through this. I hope that some of you can also find joy in their podcast as well.

When I get in my womanist bag, I like to listen to audiobooks that make me really think. This last one I’ve been listening to is called hood feminism by Mikki Kendall I like that she looks at things from a historical context but also from a really personal point of you and all those Black people are not a monolith, I kinda feel a kinship with her as she shares personal stories from her own life and experiences.

I think it’s people we are all much more alike than we are different.

The teenage girl and me rejoiced on August 4 when my brand new book midnight sun showed up on my doorstep. It’s the latest addition to Stephanie Meyers twilight Saga and it’s just bringing me back to those early feelings as a teen.

I remember reading these books and wondering what love and romance would be like one day, and when would I get to experience it.

Some people might say my love for the saga is problematic because of course we can pretty much find a problem with anything. But this is one but I think I can critique while I enjoy.


I’m an astrology girl, surprise.

This girl Jessica from the Behati life on YouTube has been someone I’ve put a little bit of trust in. She knows her stuff and I love watching her videos as I get in tune with spirit on my own. I have attached a video of hers, this one she’s talking about the significance of your moon sign. If anyone’s wondering I’m a Capricorn sun ☀️ and moon 🌙

Let us pray.

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