Finding the Rainbow (A life Update)

 It’s the start of spooky season and your girl is shook and shocked at how quickly time has passed.

September was definitely a doozy as I decided to get a few more college credits under my belt while the world around us continues to melt. Like tens of thousands of Americans right now, I’m unemployed and trying to survive. When I first got laid off from my job, I thought I’d take three months to get myself realigned and then I jump back out there; obviously Miss Rona had other plans. 

To be honest I feel like choosing to spend my time in college is also helping with my mental health. Having something to look forward to every day, someone expecting me to work hard towards a goal. Honestly speaking I don’t expect October to be any less busy. I’m now in the thick of it with school work, I’ve been really hustling on my social media game and I’m participating in Vlogtober on YouTube this month. For those who are unfamiliar, Vlogtober is when you vlog every day in October leading up to Halloween. I haven’t done a YouTube marathon since my younger days on the platform. It’s still early in the month but so far so good. 

I’ve been having some really good days, some not so good days as well. I had an idea for an Instagram real inspired by my favorite movie the Wizard of Oz. After listening to Judy Garland a couple of times as I created my content, I started thinking about the times over the years that I have sought refuge in the things that I love. There’s been so many times in my life that have felt out of control and I’m a control freak Capricorn so it’s kind of serious. I’ve always found that honoring my childhood self has been helpful in centering myself. Something so simple as sitting down to your favorite move can be extremely healing.

At least for me.

Bringing myself back to myself.

It might sound silly, but I think I’m about due for another trip back to Emerald City.

I’m worried about us,

but I know that we can only do so much right now.

It’s definitely therapeutic for me to have an outlet like this. I hope that if you’re reading this, you have also figured out ways of coping in this moment.

PS. I did a Get Ready with me for this look — Find it HERE

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