Black Women Deserve Love on Valentine’s Day, Too

Since the start of the panorama, I think we all kind of knew that it would change the way that we go about dating but I don’t think anybody was prepared for just how difficult things have become. If you desire to be partnered, be intentional and do that and if you’re like me who feels like I have some self-work to do first, then do that. But don’t allow yourself to be gaslit by anyone for any reason.

Lessons in Womanhood, from a Womanist

I have a younger sister and although she is living a very different life than I was at her age, I still think that there are tons of life lessons that I can share with her at this point to ensure that she can be in a position to make better choices than the ones I made for my own life. Not saying I made the most terrible choices, but I’ve gotten some bumps and scrapes along the way.