You Belong Here

Consider this blog to be a love letter to the 30-somethings.

As a Black woman, it can be so easy to get wrapped up in the world around us. It is so easy to get caught up in the madness whether that’s work and school, or love and life. Consider this blog to be a safe space where both you and I can focus on ourselves, internally, externally, and on our personal growth.

There’s so much I want to share both past and present which makes this a vulnerable space. Consider this blog to be a fresh perspective on life that is both similar and different from yours; and a literary getaway to becoming our best selves.

Hop in sis, we’re going on a self love journey.

Never feel ashamed to put yourself first.

The rest can wait.

When in doubt, Pink.

– Kristianna

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Finding the Rainbow (A life Update)

I’ve always found that honoring my childhood self has been helpful in centering myself. Something so simple as sitting down to your favorite move can be extremely healing.

A Woman of the Labor Movement

I’ve always been a very vocal person in the face of inequality. In elementary school I got into a lot of fights, usually defending people who were being mistreated. As an adult I still do this. No matter the consequences. No matter if I’m afraid.